The Connection between Squats and Cellulite

Cellulite is nothing more than fat deposits which are trapped under the topmost skin layer. It is not life-threatening. But whether you agree or you disagree agree, it does not look good and it may affect a person’s self confidence and may cause insecurities and mental frustrations. No single way can eliminate the formation of cellulite on the skin. However, squats can help in reducing such unwanted trapped fats.

Information on Cellulite

A subcutaneous fat that has been pushed into the dermis is called cellulite. Dermis is the layer of the skin located just below the epidermis or the topmost or outer layer of the human skin. Contained by the dermis are blood vessels, hair follicles, nerve receptors and sweat glands. Two layers of subcutaneous fat are underneath the dermis. Once these fats are pushed into the dermis, it builds the distinguishing orange-peel texture, dimple-like characteristics that appear in the epidermis.  These textures are called cellulite.

Squats and CelluliteCellulite mostly appears on the buttock, hip and thighs. The appearances tend to get worse while a person age. Good thing though that it is not something dangerous like disease but it is definitely not good to look at.

Squats for Cellulite

The squats do not only burn calories, it also build muscles. The muscles built from the exercise will be burning more calories rather than fat by which contributes to the loss of weight. In the event that you reduce fat and you tone your muscles, the cellulite’s appearances will also be reduced.

You do not need any material for doing squat. It does not require any equipment that needs buying or borrowing. Unless you want it intensified, you may use dumbbells or barbells with it.  It is a simple exercise that helps in reducing the appearances of cellulite and would only make use of your own body weight for it to be performed.

It is a very basic exercise that needs caution for the target area of the work out not to be injured. So might as well do it properly. Doing the exercise correctly does not only apply for squats but for other exercise as well.

Steps in Doins Squats

Step 1: Stand up straight.

Step 2: Lower the body down by bending your knees until your thighs becomes parallel with the floor.

Step 3: Keep the back straight.

Step 4: Push the glutes backwards like sitting on a chair.

Step 5: Stand up slowly making use of the leg muscles.

Step 6: Perform 3 sets of at least 15 squats, thrice a week.

All the leg muscles are being the target of squats. These leg muscles include hamstrings, lower leg muscles and quadriceps. Also, squats work gluteus maximus, the erector spinae and rectus abdominus muscles.

Other Treatments for Cellulite

Aside from doing squats, to reduce cellulite, you need to reduce the total fat of the body, tone your muscles and maintain a well-balanced diet. There are other available methods of getting rid of cellulite; methods which are notably expensive and fearsome to go through. These include subcision and liposuction. Others are non-surgical which include heat therapy, shock wave therapy and treatment which make use of lasers.

In order for the squats to be an effective means of reducing cellulite, it must be combined with other with other exercises that target specific areas affected by cellulite and proper diet. You must do this religiously to see beneficial results.

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